Dear friends of the Ateliers ’89.

Bon Bini, Welcome to ARUBA LINKED

Ateliers ’89 Foundation has the honor to invite all artist to this breaking moment of the Caribbean arts.

Of course this can’t be possible without your assistance. A symposium for all the arts not only the visual ones. That
is why you should consider this as a personal invitation to our four day celebration of the local and international arts.

On Saturday night at 8pm. October the 13th 2012, ARC ART MAGAZINE will launch their latest issue. ARC Art Magazine
is inviting Magazine Importers, Art lovers, Poets, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Dancers, Artists, Play makers, Singers and
so on, to participate as ARC has become the mayor magazine for the arts of the Caribbean which you can also be part!
An evening of many different presentations from the Trinidad Film Festival, to the performing arts of the Caribbean.

Sunday evening at 8pm. on October the 14th we will open the Youth Biennial, ARUBA LINKED. With opening performances
by young Kevin Mc. David. With 20 participants from Aruba, Holland and the Caribbean. Including their latest expressions in
Installations, Video, Drawing, Film, Poetry, Painting, Fashion Illustration and Photography, So come and celebrate the new!

The evening of Monday October the 15th we will start at 7pm., with our grand Symposium. A cutting edge evening with great
speakers, artists and the some of the most important curators of our region. To discus how and where of the future of the arts
of these islands. Hoping to achieve a greater vision to a great start for all to be LINKED for the sake of our Caribbean artists,.

Don’t miss this hot weekend and be part of it as it starts for everybody to participate on Saturday the 13th from 9am. to 5pm.
With the presentation of our invited guests and their major projects. A special performance of John Cox of Bahamas will be
given, on the morning of Sunday the 14th, from 10am to 11.30am. BON BINI be WELCOME and participate.

Please note that the invitation card is most important, as it shows dates and time!
And read the attachments and enroll or publish,

Thank you for your time and receive warm greetings,

Elvis López

Invitation Aruba Linked NEW-8


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