Tirzo Marta, Curacao hippest artist, is our Sculpture Workshop teacher for the month of October 2013, at Ateliers ’89, Starting Monday the 14th.


Captain Caribbean vs The Anansi Colonialism



…. I start asking myself questions and the most important one for me is why?

Until now I don’t know why, but the why and the genuine argument behind it is the confrontation with fear of being confronted with freedom and reality. The fear used as a tool to avoid the confrontation with disappointment that results in frustration. The disappointment and frustration of how desolate freedom and reality can be.

The result of my ‘why’ may look unorthodox to people but still to me it’s the essence, the beauty and strength of the truth of the possibilities behind freedom and reality.


Tirzo (2012)



Tirzo Martha is a socially engaged artist that evolved from the critical social conditions of his beloved neighborhood Buena Vista. His passion and dedication for art has its origin in his concern for the social, economical and political declining conditions on his beloved island Curacao.

Growing up on the island of Curacao between the 60’s and the 80’s was a surreal experience. The unstable social and political developments made a direct hit on the community. The revolt of May 30th 1969 is an example of how extreme and out of hand the situation was getting. The social and economical decay that was tormenting the island developed itself in a way that an entrance was created for corruption and power abuse in the political, governmental and social structures. In several neighborhoods you could see and feel the abatement. People were cheating and hustling to survive. An action that conquered step by step all the layers in the society all the way up thru the political parties into the government. It became so bad that the situations reflected those directly from the stories of Anansi.

A voice was needed. A voice that could communicate and reflect the needs and urgency of the society. A voice that would use the visual arts thru actions, interventions and performances in the community to extract the burden out of their system. A voice that after using many forms it was finally defined into Captain Caribbean.


Tirzo Martha has exhibited in the various international group and solo exhibitions around the world and his known for his monumental installations and his Captain Caribbean performances. To mention a few; Infinite Island, Brooklyn Museum New York, The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum Florida, Museum Modern Art Arnhem The Netherlands, Biennial Havana Cuba and The Global Contemporary, Germany. He was nominated for various international awards and received the various awards like the Cola Debrot cultuur prijs Curacao.

He has also been a guest teacher and lecturer at the various international art institutes.

This year he was guest lecturer at the art conference entitled: Sustainable Art Communities: Creativity and Policy in the Transnational Caribbean organized by the Open University of London and the University of Leiden.

Tirzo Martha founded in 2006 together with fellow artist David Bade the IBB, Instituto Buena Bista Curacao Center for Contemporary Art. An art institute that not only prepares youngsters for a follow up at an art Academy but gives them the necessary guidance during their study abroad with the goal to get them back to Curacao to support the building and developing of contemporary art in Curacao.

Tirzo’s project in Aruba is to build a Monument for the New Hero.

The students will do a workshop that’s a combination between performance and installation building.

 Tirzo Marta WorkTirzo Marta work 2Irzo Marta CC receives first Tula StigmataOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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