Dutch artist-teacher Mr. Jurriaan van Hall, is Ateliers ’89 Foundation new teacher for the month of March-April 2014. With a combined workshop of painting and sculpture.


Jurriaan van Hall

Workshop: ‘ Independence’

During this workshop we will create Wind Sculptures and Banners! As Aruba is known as a windy Island we are going to get creative and watch our creations move with the wind. Besides using light materials such as nylon, we can also get extremely creative using recycled materials such as driftwood, branches, twigs, plastics and scrap metals. Our Theme will represent ‘Independence’ the special status Aruba enjoyed until recently.

Jurriaan van Hall studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, The Rijksacademie Amsterdam and Londons’ Royal College of Art.
Jurriaan, together with fellow artists Peter Klashorst and Bart Domburg is responsible for setting up the renowned artist collective ‘After Nature’. In the early nineties they enjoyed many exhibitions and performances, nationally and internationally.
In 1997 there was a summary of  Jurriaan’s oeuvre exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum ‘de Lakenhal in Leiden, together with a substantial biography.
In more recent years he has mainly concentrated on sculptures and has created various inspired pieces for public places.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Aruba is that it enjoyed a unique Independent Status.
‘Status Aparte’ besides what the term means politically, is also an evocative term, reminiscent of words in a figurative sense:liberal, separate, different, independent, in short, something special.
An artist, by definition likes to exist in an independent status as he or she’s work is constantly examining who they are through their creative work.
The history of Aruba is so diverse that every resident in fact enjoys a special status as a unique individual.

In this workshop the participants will look into their position as a unique individual or as a part of the greater whole
In this workshop, participants will look into their position as a unique individual, or as part of a larger whole.


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