Lovely Dutch Artist Juul van der Heuvel is Ateliers ’89 workshop teacher for the month of March – April 2014. With a super workshop of drawing and ilustration.


Workshop ‘Symptomatic Illustrations’
Juul van der Heuvel

In this workshop we are going to tell our story through the art of Illustration!

We will examine the importance of
THE MATERIALS – what to use, graphite, coloured pencils, charcoal, ink,
paper clippings etc., even sand, water.
THE HOST – Paper, Cloth, an Object, a Wall, Sand, a Gesture?
THE MOMENT – capturing a precise time.
THE PHYSICAL – the actual movement of drawing

My goal with my Workshop is to take the participants on a journey, to look to the source and essence of their being, look to their memories, to their whole story for their inspiration. The combination of language and illustrationstimulates the imagination and creates associative solutions in the brain. Illustration is ideally suited to bring the flow of thoughts and imagination into motion. Using the art of illustration you inevitably expose your inner self. There is a clear truth with illustration that is immediately visible, and as the saying goes, a picture never lies.

Every design started as an illustration.

Take any design, a table, a washing machine, a pen, your dress, a drill, architecture, they all started as a drawing.
Before the written word we communicated using images, the written word is a natural progression from when we first drew the images we saw and/or imagined.
Being able to illustrate our thoughts and imagination is every bit as important today as it was then. We have all learned to read using images and words. Every child instinctively draws. When we are unable to communicate verbally we automatically revert to using images to be understood.

Quite simply illustration is a wonderful universal language with endless possibilities!


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