Coming up great workshop Film, for two months, including writing by Dutch artist Jolein Laarman, filming by famous Dutch master Dick Tuinder, editing by our local artista master editor Ryan Oduber! Enroll now!


FILMWORKSHOP! Ateliers ’89 Foundation, offers you a great opportunity to join a very special FILMWORKSHOP of two months. The endresults will be judged by a professional jury for screening on the Filmfestival of Aruba! The selection will be a RED CARPET EVENT at the Ateliers’89
The workshops starts on Tuesday 22 April and lasts till Thursday 12 June 2014 at the Ateliers’89 Academia di Bellas Artes Aruba, Dominicanessenstr.34, Oranjestad – Aruba
Make your own short movie!
From an idea to a film. How does that work? Writing a scenario, let yourself be inspired by short films and fragments of films, exchange ideas in the lessons, and all this coached by professional and very experienced teachers. This is a unique chance! In two months time you will be guided on the path from an idea to a film. We are going to look into the different ways possible to tell a story, the different structures , how you create a person, dialogues, how to direct actors and how to translate an idea into images. Also we will look into matters as camera movements, the dress up of sets and the use of music and sound. In other words, hard and inspired working together. By the end of the workshop all participants will have translated their idea into a real movie!
Turn on your phantasy button and let yourself be inspired!
About the teachers:  Jolein Laarman has written a considerable number of scenario’s for television plays and films. The praised film Kauwboy is one of them. The film of Dick Tuinder, Afscheid van de Maan ( Good Bye to the moon) knew its premiere last January  at the International Filmfestival of Rotterdam and is now to be seen in Curaçao as wel The Aruba artist, Ryan Oduber shows his video’s and installations on international podia.
The workshop has been made possible with the support of the Prins Bernhard Fonds Caribische Gebied and the Mondriaan foundation.This workshop lasts two months and runs from Monday trough Thursday From 6.30 – 9.30 pm. Age 13 years and up. To enroll please contact director Elvis Lopez  5885776 of 5654613. Or mail more info visit info visit our web-site op Or pass by at Domincanessenstr 34, in front of the Maria College  in Oranjestad.

Short bio Jolein Laarman, Jolein Laarman wrote scenario’s for a considerable number of movies and TV productions. She wrote for example the scenario for the movies BROOS, HET ZUSJE VAN KATIA, TUSSENSTAND, ONDER ONS and KAUWBOY as well as for the screenplays IK BEN WILLEM and DE TAXI VAN PALEMU and other short and long TV-productions.Many of here filmed scenarios and scripts have been shown at international festivals and are rewarded with several prizes. Jolein also works as a scriptcoach and she accompagnies Filmacademy students while graduating.

Short bio Dick Tuinder 1963, After his education at Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 1988 Dick founded in cooperation with some friends PARK TV and ARK films. The first project with the goal to produce TV-art and the second for realistic autonomous cinema. In the mean while Dick always kept on drawing, painting and writing. In 1999 he published a collection of letters about beauty and madness “Heimwee naar de Oersoep” and in 2004 a book with drawings and texts “Facing Reality”.During a 2006 visit to Aruba Dick made a huge painting that had San Nicolas as a subject. Waltaka, a Portrait of San Nicolas. Since 1993 He made approximataly 20 short movies, a number of radio plays, TV-programms, theaterplays, radioprogramms and two long movies for the cinema. His last movie, “Afscheid van de Maan”, found its premiere last january 2014 at the Rotterdam International Filmfestival.

Short bio Ryan Oduber. Aruban born contemporary visual artist Ryan Daniel Oduber (MFA) (1972) has a trajectory in the visual arts dating back to the early 90-ties. After winning a prize at the Dutch Caribbean Art exhibition: Arte 99, Ryan Oduber  bought his first & quot;Digital 8" handy cam in 2000 and started doing video art and video art installations. As a contemporary artist he has been representing his island as of 2001 on different international exhibitions from biennials to group exhibitions in the Dominican Republic, USA, Cuba, Taiwan, China, Germany, Portugal, Costa Rica, Curaçao, The Netherlands, Brazil, Venezuela and has been invited to screen his films at international filmfestivals.In June 2011 Oduber was the first recipient of the J. C. "Padu" Lampe award, a price awarded for his cultural endeavors in Aruba for the visual arts. 
For more information on the artist go to: or email him at

Short bio Moritsz Ebinger
“The artship/creatives is notfor a few hours, it runs your life!”
It is part of our daily life and it is here. Not every vooked egg is a master piece, but being an artist is not for a few hours.
It takes a life time. It means you read good books, listen to the radio and is an artist of he world. At  the same time he tinks that most artists are not political motivated. Moritsz comes from a large artist family and remembers the crealy when they have these strong argumentes of the engaement of the artists and client. They wher ofthen compaining about how interested the clients were in money and not for a better world.
Moritsz Ebinger (1961) paints, draws and amke sculptures and installations. His works can be seen in local and international museums.

You can folow Moritsz:
– Radio Rood at the Boymans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam Holland.
– Inmtervieuw Boijmans van Beuningen
– Nieuew Vide Haarlem and Bangkok, Thailand
– Kunsthall KADE Amersfoort Holland




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