FAB LAB is one of the new workshops starting on Monday the 3rd of October 2014 by Christie Mettes and Tony Sevold



This October Ateliers ’89 in cooperation with Metabolic Foundation will offer a fab-lab inspired workshop.  The awesome paricipants will co-design and co-build a:

·      3D printer to print computer designed objects out of plastic

·      Laser-cutter/engraver to cut computer designs into paper or engrave wood

·      CNC-router to cut precisely designed shapes with minimal waste

·      Air fitler to clean the air during production  

The idea of the fablab, which famously started at MIT has now been spreading around the world. Join this workshop to build Aruba an awesome home-brewed fab-lab-ish facility, which will be publicaly accessible at Ateliers ’89. We invite Aruba at large to join the fun and adventourous experiment of building the high-tech tools we need to build other stuff… 

The work shop will take place from October 13th to November 6th, from Monday to Thursday, 6:30-9:30 pm. With a fee of 150 for students and 200 for adults. Register at Ateliers ’89: 5654613/5885776, elvis@ateliers89.com or at LINK. For more information contact Metabolic Foundation at 6302475, christie@metabolic.nl


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