Ateliers ’89 with a duo workshop Video/Film by local video/film talent Ryan Oduber and Swedish international artists Sofia Wickman. Starting Monday May 18.


NEW FILMWORKSHOP! Ateliers ’89 Foundation, offers you a great opportunity to join a very special FILMWORKSHOP of two months. By local Master Ryan Oduber and international video artist from Sweden miss Sofia Wickman

The workshops starts on Monday 18 May and lasts till Thursday 2 July 201 at the Ateliers’89 Academia di Bellas Artes Aruba, Dominicanessenstr.34, Oranjestad – Aruba

Make your own short movie!

From an idea to a film. How does that work? . This is a unique chance! In two months time you will be guided on the path from an idea to a film. We are going to look into the different ways possible to tell a story, the different structures , how you create a person, dialogues, how to direct actors and how to translate an idea into images. Also we will look into matters as camera movements, the dress up of sets and the use of music and sound. In other words, hard and inspired working together. By the end of the workshop all participants will have translated their idea into a real movie!

Ryan Oduber

In this workshop we will scratch the surface of film/ video making by going in depth in the rich history of film’s technology. From old      school film to digital video. We will explore character building using moving images/ video. How to portrait a person’s most interesting features on film.

Sofia Wickman

Turn on your fantasy button and let yourself be inspired!

The workshop has been made possible with the support of the Prins Bernhard Fonds Caribische Gebied and the Mondriaan foundation.This workshop lasts two months and runs from Monday trough Thursday From 6.30 – 9.30 pm. Age 13 years and up. To enroll please contact director Elvis Lopez  5885776 of 5654613. Or mail more info visit info visit our web-site op Or pass by at Domincanessenstr 34, in front of the Maria College  in Oranjestad.


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