Photography is Ateliers ’89, new workshop for the month of September, 2015, New York based Dutch artist Wijnanda Deroo, strarting Monday September 7, enroll now, places are limited.


Off the Beaten Track Locations



WORKSHOP photography by Wijnanda Deroo

7 September – 1 October 2015



For tourists, Aruba is full of exciting photographic opportunities, such as beaches, big buildings, and bright lights, but those of us who live these images every day may have a different story to share.


Telling a story with pictures is like writing with words.

Appropriate images are made and put together, one after another, to coherently tell the story–be it abstract, conceptual, documentary, or journalistic.


This workshop will also explore the language and techniques of making your ideas and point of view visible

Important is is light. Lighting is key to defining the mood, texture, and concept of any photograph. Using natural light, enhances your ability to “see” and understand the direction, quality, and depth of light. This involves working at day and at night, inside and outside.


Throughout the workshop I will show you works from contemporary artists and photographers to illustrate and illuminate how ideas are translated and viewpoints communicated.



All formats of cameras are welcome, digital or analog.




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