GRAFFITI PAINTING is our last workshop of the year starting, Monday November the 16, 2015. By American Artist Tess Miller. Enroll now as places are limitted. Program : Graffiti is  one of the most profound underground art forms.It is a visual and symbolic communication in public space.In this workshop we will look at the development of graffiti as art form, and learn methods and techniques to design our own mural. We will begin by looking at and discussing murals from around the world  as we explore the visual language and culture of graffiti. We will look at several graffiti movements including: Ancient uses of graffiti, Hip Hop and graffiti, Punk Rock and culture jamming,  Pop Art, South American Artists such as Os Gemeos, Tikks and Nunca,  and stencil based artists such as Banksy and Swoon. We will discuss form and symbolic visual language, looking at symbols and signs around us, and how we can use them to communicate. We will work with geometry and free form drawing, creating flow and movement. We will explore the idea of visual ciphering; using We will learn to make images using stencils and masking. We will develop painting techniques to paint including rolling, spraying, and brush work, color blocking and outlining.     


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