Upcoming Monday January 11 at the Ateliers ’89 Black Box another evening of lectures, by Dutch artists from the Ateliers ’89 Yasmina Ghalmi Mews and IBB Curacao residence Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe


Ateliers ’89 Foundation with a very interesting start of the new year last Monday JaunuJanuaryari 11. A mostsuccessful and entertained evening by Ateliers ’89 star performer Wilfred Jansen,attended by a vast audience.

Ateliers 89 once again is proud to give the stage to the aspiring young artists in residence at the Ateliers ’89 and the IBB Curacao, presenting upcoming Monday January the 18th,Yasmina Ghalmi Mews Ateliers ’89, Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe IBB Curacao. 8pm Black Box Ateliers ’89

We gladly invite you to join a lecture of Yasmina Ghalmi Mews, Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe, on Monday the 18 of January at Ateliers’ 89 at 8pm.

Yasmina Ghalmi Mews:

She is a third-year student of the audiovisual department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. During this evening she will explain the audience why she choose to pursue the residency here at ateliers’ 89 instead of choosing for a more traditional exchange program. More over on the evening she will presents some works she made over the course of the last few years at the Rietveld.
Ateliers 89 once again is proud to give the stage to the aspiring young artist, as over the years Ateliers 89 has supported young artist and cultural education of the arts here on the island.

As a multidisciplinary artist it’s important for her to use her immediate surroundings to make research, this research is later used again to help shape the subject of her work. Her work could be seen as going against what is expected or what is seen as popular culture, she tries to walk on the opposite pavement and express events and thoughts from another, sometimes unpopular, perspective.

Fascinated by tropical aesthetics, carribean-culture, and the stories that are told over the generations of the history here on Aruba. The Caribbean setting is used as the main focus point to retell in detail the process of the art work making here on the island.The marketing of the island life and the influence it has on how it’s viewed by the people who come here.

Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe
Tourism: cultural suicide or cultural opportunity

How can we change the myth making industry of tourism to a cultural reinforcement of local history? Not only the thousands of anonymous visitors but also for the artist in residence. Being a host becomes part of your own history. So the myth becomes a self fulfilling promise.

Bart Stuart and Klaar van der Lippe are contemporary artist based in Amsterdam. They work with ideas instead of objects. They think in a sculptural way about social processes. Their studio is the public space. Everyday authorship, the right and the possibility to express yourself freely, is central in their work.

On Curacao  as the result of their recent residency at IBB they made a cultural procession in collaboration with 30 students. It is an allegory Curacao based on their meetings with citizens, visitors and experts of Curacao.  The cultural procession in the centre of Willemstad  intended to make the everyday problems part of the official story.  It was a liberating experience for the students and visitors. The extensive coverage in the media showed that complex problems can be good news too.

Bart  and Klaar have explored the region and  are investigating the Caribbean cultural reality.

The coming Artist talk at Ateliers 89 will be a short introduction to their work and the  work  can open dialogue on how to incorporate tourism.  Is selling the  Caribean illusion a cultural doom scenario or can a different approach change it to a fruitfull cultural exchange?

Works and pesonal pic from Yasmina Ghalmi Mews

Works and personal pic from Bart Stuart and Klaar Lippe


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