Great opening exhibition REAL


Natusha Croes
February 29 at 1:56am

Tonight was a great night!
Thanks to everyone who came to support our young local artists and international artists & Arubian culture enthusiasts, thank you to Ateliers ’89 for hosting us, giving us the outlet/platform for us to do our interactive performances, drone sessions, cocktails, performance-lecture and all upcoming hybrid plans; it was a pleasure working, interacting learning, speaking, communicating, agreeing, disagreeing and in the end loving you..
Cyrus Candice
Germille Geerman
Kevin Schuit
Yasmina Da Flamingo
Roberta Romelli
Elvis Lopez

Me & Cyrus Candice will be presenting our performance-lecture; island bodies, again on wednesday (3 march), friday (5 march), saturday (6 march) from 5.30pm

Itza Pizza will be present and we will of course take care of some refreshments.

Invitations will follow soon

Bon nochi!

Ateliers ’89
Hopi aña mas di bida!

#10years #imuchomas #love #arubaculture


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