In 2016 we are celebrating 10 years of the Ateliers ’89 Foundation with a master Film Workshop by prize winning filmer Shamira Raphaela and master editor Ryan Oduber. Apply now as places are limited by calling 5654613 or e-mail



Documentary Workshop TELL YOUR STORY 

by Shamira Raphaëla and Ryan Oduber

Save the dates for this unique possibility to collaborate with Shamira Raphaëla and Ryan Oduber in this documentary workshop, where you will learn to tell your story as a director by using film as a medium.No problem if you don’t know yet what story to tell. Shamira and Ryan will assist  you in searching an interesting subject in your own environment.

The workshop knows three steps.

-The first step is devolepment. Here we try to come to a proper idea and write a plan. The focus will be on finding the right format for our stories.

-In the second step will be the actual shooting of the filmmaterial.

-In the third step we will learn how we can make this material really come to live, by puting our shot images in the right order and add music to it. We will learn the power of editing !

 Of course we expect to be able to present the best results in the Aruba Filmfestival

Shamira Raphaëla was born in Aruba, but lives and works at the moment as a filmdirector in Amsterdam.

In 2006 she finished  her study at the AKI Academy in Enschede, The Netherlands, in media-art.As an independent director she build an impressive CV since then, working for a lot of different broadcast companies and productionhouses. She worked for example for  BNN, RTL and Warner Bros, making famous programs like Serious Request, Chantal blijft slapen, and Expedition Robinson, with an average number of 1.5 million viewers each episode.

Here documentary Deal with it, tells a story of family patterns and unconditional love and was made possible with the support of the Dutch Mediafunds and the NTR (the Dutch national broadcastsystem).

The documentary won several prizes like the price for “Best Feature Documentary’ at the Belize International Film Festival and at the Los Angeles Urban Film festival. At the Aruba Film Festival the film was judged as best film by both the jury as well as the public.

In 2015 the documentary was also shown in festivals in Havanna, Hollywood, Cannes and New York.


Ryan Oduber is an Aruban arist who is already active in contemporary for quiet a while and build up an interesting career since he started in 1990.

After he had won a price for his contrubution in the exhibition Arte 99 he bought his first digital handcamera and he started to concentrate on making video-art and video-installations.

Since 2001 Ryan Oduber often represented Aruba on international exhibitions for contemporary art. His works were shown in international filmfestivals in the US, Taiwan, Cuba, Germany, Brasil, Portugal and The Netherlands.

In june Ryan Oduber was the first do receive the J.C. Lampe reward for his contribution to the devolepment of contemporary art in Aruba.




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