Famous Brazilian Designer, miss Nina Paim is our new artist teacher for our workshop graphic design, starting September 5 2016, please enroll now and call 5654613!


You are very welcome to join the graphic design workshop by Swiss based graphic designer Nina Paim! In this workshop she will take you on a journey of reproduction techniques. From cave painting to the digital world! ‘What happens to an image when it is no longer unique? If you copy an image, is the result the same image or a new one? And how many ways are there to replicate an image?  We will look into history to see how different printing techniques have shaped the world we live in today. We will build our own printing devices by hand and experiment with different approaches of image reproduction. Starting with monotyping – a technique that produces a single copy for every original — we will gradually increase our print run exploring techniques such as block print, stencil, digital manipulation, and more. At the end of this workshop each student will have produced over 100 prints. We will use this material to edit a book and create a public exhibition at the end.
Nina Paim is a Brazilian designer living and working in Switzerland. After a detour into economics and philosophy, Nina studied graphic design at Esdi (Brazil) and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (the NetherlandsSince 2012, Nina Paim has been working independently as a designer, curator, and educator. Paim has taught at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the Basel School of Design, FBAUL Lisbon, the Estonian Academy of Arts, Ésad Valence, and Krabbesholm Høsjkole, among others schools. Selected lectured include Fernand Baudin, Chaumont Festival, UdK Berlin and Parallel School Lausanne. In 2014, Paim curated and designed the exhibition “Taking a Line for a Walk” at the 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, for which she was awarded a Swiss Design Awards in 2015. In that same year, she was an artist in residence and guest lecturer at Krabbesholm Højskole (DK.) In Nina Paim is currently pursuing an MA in design research at the Hochschule der Künste Bern (CH).


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